Dealing with Transportation

If you’re a student at UK, you know the problems with transportation on and around campus. You might have the joy of parking in K-Lot (aka: Narnia), or you might have been blessed with an E pass and be able to park a little closer in the coveted spots. Parking has been a long discussion for students, especially since we’re on an urban campus (unlike campuses located in their own little towns, we don’t have the luxury of taking over a cornfield and putting in a new parking lot). However, there are options that you don’t have to deal with parking to get to and from campus.

If you don’t want to deal with driving to and from campus, and dealing with the nuisance of parking it might be time to look into Campus Shuttles. (Now, you may have chosen an apartment that’s within walking distance and this may not be a major concern if its sunny out, but I assure you during the rain (and I promise there will be rain) and snow these shuttles may save your life)

Campus Busses and Shuttles:

Campus busses and shuttles are free to UK students as long as they have their student ID. However, they do not operate on a specific time schedule, instead, they operate on a headway system with continuous and frequency service. (Honestly who wants to deal with memorizing a bus schedule?) Simply find the nearest bus stop and wait for it to come back around, its never that far away.

However, if you’re worries about it being too far (because its rainy or snowing or you just want to get home) all of the routes, including the Red Mile (Lextran 15) are viewable real-time on Transloc (UK’s GPS-based bus locating system). You can download Transloc Rider app (its free on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry). Not only can you use the app, but you can text transloc at 41411 and say UKY and the appropriate stop number to receive a message listing the next three arrival times for that stop.

But what about the nice days out? The ones where you don’t want to take a bus, but you don’t want to walk because that would take a little too long. Well then, fellow wildcats, I recommend you look into:


Riding a bike is one of the best ways to get around campus. There are plenty of bike racks at nearly every building (meaning no need to fight it out hunger games style for the last spot in the commuter lot), and it gets you there a little faster than walking. Just remember: your bike is technically a vehicle and you are responsible to learn and obey the rules that apply to you as a cyclist.

Also, let’s not forget that you live in a beautiful city! So use your bike, or rent one, and take a look at the Bike maps to go on a little adventure where you get to enjoy the outdoors!

But maybe, you want to drive to campus or you have to, in which case… We now face the Perilous Parking situation.

Parking & Permits

What exactly is a parking permit?

According transportation services: A parking permit shall be defined as any device issues by Transportation Services or its approved designee allowing user access to park in a specific parking lot, zone, or area on the University of Kentucky campus. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: hangtags, adhesive window stickers, and access cards for mechanical gates.

If you are a ‘Choosen One’ and have been given a permit  hang the permit on your rearview mirror or display it on the left side of your dashboard in plain sight. The good news is, if you have multiple cars or your car is in the shop and you have a rental, the pass can be used in any vehicle you drive, but only in the areas designated by the permit. However, it is not to be lent out to friends or family.


  • If you lend your vehicle to someone else, YOU are still held responsible for any citations issued to your car
  • Display your permit clearly. I know you think they don’t check, but they do and they check often.
  • If another car is parked illegally, don’t assume you can too (We’re not all that lucky and someones going to get ticketed or worse… Towed.)
  • Do not park on yellow lines, fire lanes, etc EVEN WITH HAZARD LIGHTS you can still get a citation in those areas


If you have any questions regarding permits or parking at UK that were not addressed here, be sure to contact Transportation Services or visit the website, as they are the ones with the most up to date and accurate information.



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