Is a House or Apartment Right for me?

So you’ve decided to move off-campus and you need to decide where to move. You’ve heard about the major apartment complexes and you’ve been to State Street and a million others with houses full of students. So which one do you go with?

There’s no “right” way to live off-campus, as you’ve probably heard a million times now: it’s all about you and what you need. So here are some pros and cons to both choices to help make the decision a little easier.

Just a reminder, these are not guaranteed either. Some houses are duplexes, so you share the yard and you have closer neighbors and rents vary across the board. These are just the general guidelines.



  • No close neighbors or outside noise
    • Ok, maybe some outside noise, but much better than a neighbor in the room next to you that doesn’t understand volume control
  • Spacious
  • Own rules/Regulations
    • You’re here to be an adult, to quote the Lonely Island: “I’m an adult, I’m not a part of this system” (you are part of some system, but you don’t have to add to it by being part of an apartment complex if you don’t want)
  • Can make it your own
    • Many apartments come partly or fully furnished, in a house you have your own furniture meaning there’s more room to put your own spin on things
  • Potential Yard Space


  • Less security
  • More personal responsibility
  • No community assets (pool, gym, etc)




  • Managed by a company
    • Can easier to communicate with
  • Possibly work out room/pool
    • Who doesn’t love close proximity to amenities?
  • Usually cheaper rents/deposits
    • Also, usually more flexible on ensuring you can get an independent lease
  • More security
    • Most complexes have security systems, guards, cameras, gates or some measure to make sure you have extra security
  • Maintenance is taken care of
    • Because with homework, work, extracurriculars and all that jazz who really has time to mow a lawn?


  • Closer proximity to neighbors
  • Less space
  • Most likely only communal yard space



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