We Both Agreed: Roommate Contacts

Oh roommates… Everyone has conflict with someone they live with (why do you think siblings fight so much?) and sometimes its hard to agree on certain aspects of living with someone. However, a lot of conflicts can be avoided by dealing with it before you move in or at least within the first month and creating a Roommate Contract.

What is a Roommate Contract?

Don’t worry, you’re not signing your life away or making a deal with the devil (unless you just got the worst roommate in the world). A roommate contract is a document that you personalize and create with your roommate to suit both of your needs. The document can help you avoid conflict in the future, and know each other’s expectations and boundaries.

A lot of people think a Roommate Contract is only for random roommates, because you’re not going to have problems with your friends, but I hate to break it to you even best friends fight and don’t always see eye to eye. A roommate contract is a good idea for anyone who has a roommate and should be something more students create.

However, if you’re not up for creating your own, take a peak at our Example Roommate Contract to see how to make one and then decide how to make it right for you!

Roommate Contract

Roommate 1: 

Roommate 2: 

Smoking will be allowed: 

___ Yes ___No

Drinking will be allowed: 

___ Yes ___No

These hours are reserved for sleeping: _______

When one roommate is sleeping the other one can: 

____ Play music                                    _____Listen to music with headphones

____Have Guests Over                        _____Have lights on

____Watch TV                                      _____Other: _________________________________________

When one roommate is sleeping the other one cannot: 

____ Fill in restrictions that fit you and your roommate here.


When one roommate is studying, the other roommate can do this in the background: 

____ Music                          _____TV                               _____Friends           _____Other: _________

Roommates can have overnight guest: 

____Yes ____No

We will each be responsible for cleaning the common areas: 

_____Alternating bi-weekly       _____Alternating Tasks      _____Whenever, it can be messy

List of Items to be shared: ________________________________________________________________

List of Items not to be shared: ____________________________________________________________

We will split the electricity bill:

____Equally             ____By hours estimated use          ____We are not splitting it

We are each responsible for ______ amount of rent by _______ each month.

The acceptable temperature range is: 





In case of an argument we will: ________________________________________________________

In case of violation of this we will: _____________________________________________________

Additional things to consider: _________________________________________________________

Each roommate will need to sign this contract and not each agreement is the same! Edit it to fit your roommate and you, and make sure you’re comfortable with everything on the list. A lot of times, if roommates have strong communication, there’s no need for a roommate contract and it doesn’t come up, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

For more roommate contract ideas visit our Pinterest Board !



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